Somewhere Under the Clouds feat. @camjonn

"I should be floating, but I’m weighted by thinking”

Today is a very important Election Day, and this line from Animal Collective’s “What Would I Want? Sky” has been stuck in my head all day. There used to be a time in my life where looking back I really felt like I was floating, not having very many worries or cares on my mind. Nowadays, it’s a much different story - but that’s just the burden of consciousness.

While I definitely didn’t have all this on my mind(perhaps subconsciously?) in planning for my shoot with my ever-versatile friend Cameron, the photos we ended up producing definitely captured a relatable mood to all of those who are "growing up” and beginning to find themselves coming into a new type of maturity. The feeling of daydreaming, being up in the clouds, wanting to shirk all responsibilities, but constantly being grounded by the physical world and all of its trappings.

While Cameron was definitely the focal point of these photos, I’d like to give a shout-out to the very durable IKEA mirror(it’s the HOVET Mirror, if you were wondering). I wasn’t afraid to test its limit, and found that it was definitely able to support the weight of a person shuffling & posing on it. Underneath the beating Orlando, FL sun, this mirror proved to be not only amazing prop, but a great reflector to bounce light off.

Look out for another blog coming soon also featuring Cameron, as we were able to fit two different sets in that day! For now, view the gallery from this set below: