Best of UCF Graduation Photos (My Favorite Shots Over the Years)

Every new beginning starts with some other beginning's end...

I've been shooting graduation photos for UCF Knights over the past three years, beginning with the lovely ElloSteph from YouTube(check her out if you haven't already)! That's a lot of time in the University of Central Florida's gorgeous reflection pond and a lot of dodging rogue champagne corks! 

With the Spring 2017 Graduation Ceremony coming up, I thought I'd look back at all my past shoots, and list out my top five favorite shoots.


The Reflection Pond at UCF is arguably the most popular location on campus for graduation photos, but it presents a few challenges. Due to how crowded it gets, making sure there aren't OTHER photographers and their clients in your shots is sometimes difficult. However, the stars aligned just right for this photo of Christina, and I love the pool float prop she brought along as well. Also, just look at that swish in the tassel on her grad cap!


It's a godsend when I'm able to shoot different locations with a client. You can only shoot the same two or three locations on campus before they start blurring together a little bit. This shot was taken in the UCF library. I had no idea this glass mural even existed, so I was pleasantly surprised when we came upon it, and it worked out perfectly to also bring out the silhouette of the Mickey ears.


As I said earlier, this was my very first graduation portrait session, so it will always hold some sentimental value to me. In 2015(when this shot was taken), I was nowhere near as confident as I am now as a photographer or in my abilities to direct someone during a shoot. THANKFULLY my first grad session was with a YouTuber whose charisma has garnered her over 300,000 subscribers over her career - so working together went really smooth, and it all came together to get this great one.


This is a reminder that as beautiful as these shots are, they're not the most eco-friendly to create. LUCKILY, beginning this year, UCF's Student Union will be giving out bio-degradable confetti for photographers to use on their shoots. Not only will this really make the cleaning staff happy, but you'll also have the freedom to use as much as you'd like without any of the guilt.


There are SO many fountain photos taken each year, but how many actually utilize the fact that it lights up at night? This shoot ran a little bit longer than we were hoping, and it actually got dark really early on into our shoot. However, once I saw bright the fountain looking once lit up, I decided to have Jessica do the classic hands-up victory pose and silhouette her against the fountain. It doesn't hurt either that with these colors, the water from the fountain almost looks golden - one of UCF's school colors.