My State is Freaking Gorgeous (A P.S.A. to Experience Florida Nature)

Without a doubt, Florida is home to some of the best vast displays of Mother Nature. Growing up around it, you either fall in love with it or you begin to hate it.

Until recently, I was in the latter group. I began to get really tired of the same ferns, trees, etc. while other states have gorgeous mountains, waterfalls, and definitely more flowers. Not to mention, living in Florida, we're only welcome to virtually one season year-round, so it's not like we get a big variety or major differences as the year goes on. It's a lot of the same... all the time.

However, as I've begun to travel more and mature a bit, I no longer find myself taking Florida nature for granted. I recently went to New York City for a personal Spring Break, and I never realized what it felt like to not have any nature at all when you're commuting day-to-day. Being constantly trapped by concrete begins to have an effect on the psyche.

Taking that experience into account, I think I'm beginning to understand why Florida is such a hot spot for an older generation to retire to toward the final chapters of their life - my state is simply gorgeous as fuck.

With that in mind, it was a no-brainer choosing the magnificent Mead Botanical Gardens in Winter Park as the backdrop for my muse Nicolette & I's next photo shoot. This was also the first shoot in a long time where I felt completely in control - I even meticulously picked out the outfits and decided on the hair & makeup! It's a relief when you do weddings and graduation photos, situations where you've got to relinquish a bit of control in order to bring about someone else's vision.

The Mead Botanical Gardens is host to a bewildering display of Florida nature that allows you to experience an escape from the fast-paced, empty world of notifications and small talk that I feel we are inundated by today. It's a place where you can forget everything else, and truly ground yourself in a busy city like Orlando is. 

For more info on Mead Botanical Garden, you may visit their website at 

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