Travis ~ A Summer Knight (7.28.17)

With the sheer volume of graduating Knights in the Spring semester at the University of Central Florida, people always seem to forget about the Summer graduating Knights who have their moment to shine too! As a photographer in the Central Florida area, I definitely don't forget.

Although it's been a hot & stormy summer here in Orlando, it didn't stop Travis & I from scheduling an early-morning graduation portrait session, that consisted of all the essentials: a "cool" shot on top of the Pegasus across from CFE arena, popping champagne, and of course: matching your socks with your tassel.

I had an absolute blast doing this shoot, not just because the early-morning light is beautiful, but because it's not often I get to shoot a guy's graduation photos(what gives male Knights?).

Anyways, peep some of the shots from Travis' session below!