Weird Japan: My Experience at Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku

As an Orlando local, it's safe to say that I'm immune to the draw of most tourist-y attractions, especially those corny dinner & show restaurants. However, during my first visit to Japan, I couldn't resist the draw of Robot Restaurant - a show unlike any other located in Shinjuku, one of Tokyo's most popular areas for nightlife(if it sounds familiar, you may have seen it on Anthony Bourdain's television show).

The entire experience is fittingly over-the-top. From the moment you arrive, there are two giant, animatronic robot women that you can take funny~ pictures with. After that, you check in to pick up your tickets in a hallway where the walls just happen to be lined with frames of all the famous actors, musicians, and personalities who have found their way to the Robot Restaurant. Once you're settled in, you make your way to chromed out bar lounge, with a short music show featuring a back-up band of robots(Daft Punk will be talking to your lawyers). After that, you make your way to the main venue where you get to pick your side of the room in bleacher-like seating.

For the duration of the show, all of my senses were assaulted by lasers, lights, and sounds. I was NOT prepared for this show at all. Thankfully, there were a few intermissions where you could catch a breath. While the name suggests you'll be seeing robots, make no doubt that that robots are just the bare minimum of things you'll see in this show. One segment of the show including a battle between gun-toting military turtles who defeat evil robot invaders with sparkler-shooting phoenix(NOT KIDDING).

If you're planning a trip to Japan soon, don't let the tourist-y vibe of it throw you off: this a show that you MUST see. Enjoy the photo gallery below of my experience!

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