Little Big Econ State Forest

When is the last time you took a stroll through your local state forest? Have you ever gone to a local state forest, at all? 

If not, I highly recommend you go as soon as possible. For all of the jokes people make about Florida's weather, it's actually almost perfect year-round for the outdoors. Even when it does get a little chilly, it actually makes for an enjoyable walk.

One of my favorite forests to go to is Little Big Econ State Forest. Here's some cool info:

The Little Big Econ State Forest is approximately 10,279 acres and was established on March 24, 1994, by the Florida Legislature. The forest's name comes from combining the names of the Little Econlockhatchee River and the larger Econlockhatchee River, which come together just south of the forest.

The forest is quite scenic, and no matter how many times I go, I'm always in awe when I finally see the river. On this particular December afternoon, the water was quite still(or, like glass) and gave a beautiful reflection of the sky and trees above it.

Econlockhatchee River

Econlockhatchee River

Of course, my friend and I decided to also use Mother Nature as our backdrop for some impromptu model shots~

Getting out into nature is one of the most enlightening and therapeutic things you can do for yourself, and it usually can be enjoyed for free. Whether you want to rekindle your bond with mother nature that you once had as a kid, or just want to take some awesome photos, go to a local state forest ASAP.

Want to find your local state forest? Visit and find one near you today!

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